Team DeSantis fires back at Newsom, other Dem governors with postcards celebrating ‘Florida’s freedom’

EXCLUSIVE: Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ team is firing back at Democrat governors like California Gov. Gavin Newsom who criticized the Sunshine State for its coronavirus policies by providing an update on Florida residents who previously fled from states that imposed “disastrous policies” and “lockdowns.” In a digital postcard to “Democrat governors,” DeSantis’ team celebrated “Florida’s freedom” and the new residents who moved to the state amid “lockdowns, vaccine mandates and devastating school closures” from other governors during the coronavirus pandemic. “Dear Democrat Governors, now that your boss in the White House has finally admitted COVID is over, we wanted to send an update on the new Florida residents who fled your disastrous policies since the pandemic began,” the narrator said in the video. “Without your lockdowns, vaccine mandates and devastating school closures, our new residents have been greatly enjoying the restored freedoms.” “We know you also enjoyed a taste of Florida’s freedom on your own lockdown getaway here,” the narrator said in a direct jab at Newsom, who made a visit to the state last week. AWKWARD GAVIN NEWSOM VIDEO GOES VIRAL AFTER FLORIDA VISIT: ‘LIKE A KINDERGARTNER’ The video promoting the postcards, which are available for purchase online, also reminded the Democrat governors of the current policies they support that have been at the center of national conversations in recent years, like “encouraging” migrants to cross the border illegally. “But unlike you, your former residents are staying for good. Perhaps the millions of illegal migrants you’re encouraging to come across the border can find a new home in your alleged sanctuary,” the narrator said. “We’re happy to fly them your way.” The video from DeSantis’ orbit comes after Newsom took aim at the state’s leadership during a visit to New College of Florida last Wednesday, as well as on social media. “Last week, I went to New College in Florida — ground zero for what the @GOP are trying to do to education in this country,” Newsom claimed in a tweet. “Take a moment to watch this. Books are banned. Speech is limited. Faculty are scared. Students are bullied. This is just a small dose of what’s to come.” DESANTIS TEAM SLAMS HUFFPOST FOR TOUTING COP-KILLER’S ATTACK ON GOVERNOR: ‘MONSTER KILLED A POLICE OFFICER’ Jeremy Redfern, who currently serves as DeSantis’ deputy press secretary, shot back at Newsom with a screenshot of a “San Francisco poop map.” A viral video from Newsom’s recent visit to the state made rounds on social media earlier this week, with several of the governor’s detractors pointing out his awkward behavior. The video — which shows the governor clapping along in silence as faculty members and students at the liberal arts college offer their rendition of the religious song “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” — garnered widespread attention on social media, with some of his detractors pointing out the awkwardness of the situation and Newsom’s mannerisms during his visit to Sarasota. TRUMP, NEWSOM ECHO EACH OTHER’S ATTACKS IN EFFORT TO TAKE DOWN DESANTIS The visit was considered a surprise stop in Newsom’s trips to several Republican-led states to which he previously banned official travel. Newsom spoke with about two dozen New College students, faculty and community members at the North Sarasota Public Library in response to DeSantis’ recent appointment of six conservative board members. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Newsom, who has repeatedly taken aim at DeSantis amid his expected 2024 run for president, discussed “everything from book bans to alleged infringements on voting rights in his speech before participating in a roundtable discussion with students,” according to Florida’s Voice. “I’m crawling out of my skin for you,” Newsom said at the event. “I want you to know you’re not alone. You matter.”
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