Texas Army vet changes name, runs for president as ‘Literally Anybody Else’

A Texas Army veteran and seventh-grade math teacher has changed his name to “Literally Anybody Else” to run for president.Else, whose former name was Dustin Ebey, legally changed his name in January and is urging Americans “to transcend the constraints of the status quo and embrace a bold vision for change,” according to his campaign website.”In a landscape marred by the shadows of corruption and partisan gridlock, it’s time to break free from familiar shackles and demand something different. I believe that humans are not only rational but also moral beings, driven by a deep-seated sense of fairness and justice,” Else wrote on his campaign’s website.TRUMP TOPS BIDEN WITH DOUBLE-DIGIT LEAD IN DEEP-RED STATE BEING TARGETED BY DEMOCRATS: POLLElse is looking to receive 113,000 signatures from Texas non-primary voters before a May deadline to secure his name on the general election ballot. Should he fail to do so, Else is urging his supporters to write in his name under the “neither” option.”I never really had a desire to actually be president. It’s just, I want good leadership. This country deserves good leadership and we’ve fallen so far short of that goal that I felt like if nobody was going to stand up and at least make the message, it was going to be me,” Else told FOX TV stations, according to Fox 11.”This isn’t the cross that I should bear. This shouldn’t be my burden. But if we’re all collectively suffering. If not me, then who? Who else can do this? I can’t do this on my own,” he added. “I have to have support from everyone out there. And so, if you have any way you can contribute, any way to send this message, any way to bring things back to normal, to bring things back to sanity, I implore you to help with the movement.”FOX NEWS POLL: OVER HALF OF VOTERS SAY THEY ARE WORSE OFF COMPARED TO 2020Else told another news station there “really should be some outlet for folks like me who are just so fed up with this constant power grab between the two parties that just has no benefit to the common person.”The 35-year-old middle school teacher from North Richland Hills, Texas, outlined his campaign priorities on his website. Some of those priorities include affordable housing, improving education standards, securing the southern border, and providing healthcare for all Americans.Else’s mission to garner support for his campaign comes as many Americans have expressed frustration and doubt over whether former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden have the ability to properly lead the nation.When asked who Americans would trust more to lead the United States as president between the two, an ABC/Ipsos poll from earlier this month found that more respondents trust Trump, 36%, over Biden, who received 33%. However, 30% of respondents said they would trust neither candidate.”In a time when politics has become more about the fight than the future, our campaign is dedicated to real solutions over sound bites,” Else wrote of his campaign online.Else, regardless of whether he wins or loses, reportedly plans to change his name back to Dustin Ebey.
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