Texas bus company agrees to stop transporting migrants to NYC amid Mayor Eric Adams lawsuit

A Texas bus company has agreed to stop bussing illegal migrants from Texas to New York City amid an ongoing lawsuit from Mayor Eric Adams.Bus company Roadrunner Charters agreed Wednesday to stop transporting migrants, signing a stipulation letter.”The Defendant Roadrunner Charters Inc. will refrain forthwith from transporting individuals known as migrants from Texas to New York City, and/or from Texas to the vicinity of New York City,” the letter said, in part.NYC MAYOR ADAMS SUES TEXAS BUS COMPANIES FOR TRANSPORTING MIGRANTS TO SANCTUARY CITY, SEEKS $700 MILLIONThe lawsuit, brought by the New York City Department of Social Services, argued that the 17 companies, including Roadrunner Charters, violated New York state law by not paying for the cost of caring for migrants.The lawsuit sought $708 million in damages.The lawsuit cites New York law that requires anyone who brings a “needy person” from out of state for the purposes of making them a public charge to either take them out of the state or support them.In a statement, Adams said that he is “pleased” that Roadrunner Inc. has agreed to stop bussing migrants to the Big Apple in an “attempt to overwhelm our shelter system.””New York City continues to do our part as we lead the nation in managing this national humanitarian crisis, but reckless political games from the state of Texas will not be tolerated,” Adams said. ADAMS SLAPS RESTRICTIONS ON MIGRANT BUSES COMING TO NYC FROM TEXAS AS NUMBERS RISE”I am pleased to see that Roadrunner — one of the bus companies we sued for taking part in Texas Governor [Greg] Abbott’s scheme to transport tens of thousands of migrants to our city in an attempt to overwhelm our shelter system and shift costs to New York City — has agreed to halt the bussing of migrants into and around New York City while the lawsuit proceeds,” Adams said. “We call on all other bus companies involved in this suit to do the same.”Adams first filed the lawsuit in January, calling the bussing of migrants a “reckless political ploy.””New York City has and will always do our part to manage this humanitarian crisis, but we cannot bear the costs of reckless political ploys from the state of Texas alone,” Adams said. “Today, we are taking legal action against 17 companies that have taken part in Texas Governor Abbott’s scheme to transport tens of thousands of migrants to New York City in an attempt to overwhelm our social services system.””Governor Abbott’s continued use of migrants as political pawns is not only chaotic and inhumane but makes clear he puts politics over people. Today’s lawsuit should serve as a warning to all those who break the law in this way,” Adams said.Fox News has reached out to Roadrunner Inc. for comment.Fox News Digital’s Adam Shaw contributed to this report.
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