These four House Dems voted ‘present’ or against expelling George Santos from Congress

New York Republican Rep. George Santos was expelled from the House of Representatives in a historic vote on Friday, but four Democrats either voted “present” or against kicking the controversial lawmaker out of Congress. Santos’ fate was sealed when 311 House lawmakers voted to expel him, while 114 voted against it. The tally includes 105 Republicans and 206 Democrats who voted to remove him and 112 Republicans and two Democrats who voted to keep him in office. The two Democrats who bucked their party and voted to keep Santos in Congress were Virginia Rep. Bobby Scott and Georgia Rep. Nikema Williams.  “George Santos is not worthy of serving in the House of Representatives,” Williams said in a statement. “He will likely be convicted of the crimes of which he has was accused. This is the People’s House – and although the House Ethics Committee findings were damning, the people of New York’s Third Congressional District should decide who represents them. I’ll always side on giving power to the voters.” EMBATTLED GOP REP. GEORGE SANTOS EXPELLED FROM HOUSE Two other Democrats, Texas Rep. Al Green and Illinois Rep. Jonathan Jackson, voted present.  Jackson said he did so because the ethical events transpired as Santos ran for office, an Axios reporter wrote on X. “I don’t think it’s our responsibility … If he was doing misconduct in office, we should certainly take him out,” Jackson told the reporter. Expelling a member of Congress takes a two-thirds majority vote. The last time a House lawmaker was expelled was over two decades ago when the late former Ohio Democrat Rep. Jim Traficant was voted out of Congress in 2002.  Traficant was convicted of 10 felony counts, including racketeering and taking bribes before his ousting. HOUSE ETHICS COMMITTEE HEAD TO MOVE TO EXPEL GEORGE SANTOS AFTER RELEASE OF DAMNING REPORT Santos has not been convicted of a crime, but he’s been indicted on 23 counts related to wire fraud, identity theft, falsification of records, credit card fraud, and other charges.  He’s also accused of using campaign funds on several luxury goods and treatments such as Botox. He has pleaded not guilty. Santos said he expected to be expelled from Congress during a Friday morning interview on “Fox & Friends.”
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