Tim Sheehy reveals millions raised in crucial race against Tester that ‘will determine control of the Senate’

FIRST ON FOX: First time Republican Senate candidate Tim Sheehy raised over $2.8 million in just the first fundraising quarter since launching his campaign in June. Shared first with Fox News Digital, Sheehy revealed $2.2 million of the third quarter fundraising dollars came from donor contributions, with an additional $650,000 in personal contributions and loans. “It shows the hunger that Americans and specifically Montanans have for a new generation of leaders, that they’re hungry for a fresh face, they’re hungry for a new narrative, and they’re getting behind our campaign literally at a level that’s leading the nation right now,” Sheehy told Fox in an exclusive interview Monday. Montana’s 2020 Senate race marked one of the most expensive in history, with over $170 million spent as Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., successfully fought to keep his seat in the red state. FORMER NAVY SEAL SEEKING TO OUST THREE-TERM DEMOCRATIC SENATOR BUILDS MOMENTUM WITH MORE BIG-NAME SUPPORT Sheehy said “our race will surpass that,” anticipating it could exceed the $250 million mark given that Democrats are defending a vital blue seat. “This race will be defined, unfortunately and largely, by the Democrats,” the former Navy SEAL told Fox of the race against vulnerable incumbent Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont. — the only Democrat to hold a statewide seat in the Big Sky State. Tester announced his campaign raised over $5 million from April to June as Democrats ramp up opposition spending, with Sheehy gaining prominent endorsements from within the GOP. REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN ADMITS HE ‘WAS PRAYING’ FOR ‘SMALL’ GOP HOUSE MAJORITY BEFORE 2022 MIDTERM ELECTIONS Sheehy added that “this race will determine control of the Senate,” as states such as Ohio and West Virginia also remain under the national spotlight for potential GOP flips in 2024.  Sheehy’s campaign fully expects the race to break fundraising records due to the excitement around the state. “The excitement and enthusiasm for a new candidate with a different profile than they’re used to seeing, who’s ready to be a new generation of leaders and take this country in different directions, it is palpable. And now we’re seeing not only is the excitement palpable, but it’s coming out in the dollars, too. And we couldn’t be more humbled by all the support we’ve gotten, both in state and from across the nation,” he said. Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., is rumored to be considering challenging Sheehy in the primary, a move that Sheehy believes could potentially increase spending by tens of millions.
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