Top 5 worst US cities to drive in are run by Democratic mayors

The top worst cities in the U.S. to drive in are all run by Democratic mayors, according to a report.  In 2022, travel through almost any major American city got slower, according to a report in MarketWatch, which listed the top 10 worst cities in the country to drive in.  The top five in that category — New York, Washington, D.C., San Fransisco, Boston and Chicago — are run by Democratic mayors. The data comes from navigation giant TomTom, which has a creative way of measuring traffic misery. TomTom tracks how long it takes the average driver to travel about six miles in every major city worldwide. MARYLAND MAYOR FACING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CHARGES WAS FREQUENT DONOR TO DEMOCRATIC SEN. TAMMY BALDWIN TomTom published its 2022 Traffic Index late last week, putting numbers to behind-the-wheel suffering in 389 cities worldwide. The numbers include 80 American cities. DEMOCRATIC MAYORS CALL OUT BIDEN ADMIN OVER BORDER CRISIS: ‘THIS IS A NATIONAL PROBLEM’ Seven had faster commutes in 2022 than in 2021, while 11 saw no change. The rest of them, though, spent more time in traffic. In Washington, D.C., and Indianapolis, drivers spent an extra minute and a half every 6.2 miles. MAYOR ERIC ADAMS SAYS NYC HAS ‘NO MORE ROOM’ FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS The report notes a recent survey from Kastle Systems, the company that secures more office buildings than any other in America, which found that America’s offices are more than half-full for the first time since 2020.  Return-to-office pressures in many cities will likely put more of us on the road in 2023.
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