Top GOP super PAC reveals first round of ‘trailblazer’ candidate endorsements: ‘Proven track records’

FIRST ON FOX: The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) dropped its first round of “trailblazer” endorsements for the 2024 election cycle, a major advancement in Republican efforts to expand their slim House majority in the fall.CLF, a top Republican super PAC closely aligned with House Speaker Mike Johnson that supports and invests in Republican congressional campaigns across the country, made 20 key House endorsements Wednesday that were shared first with Fox News Digital.Throughout their campaigns, the selected Republican candidates will receive financial support from the group’s Trailblazers Fund, a hard-dollar arm set up ahead of the 2018 midterm elections to fund high-priority congressional campaigns.REPUBLICANS BLAST DEPARTING GOP LAWMAKERS AS RAZOR-THIN MAJORITY FUELS FEARS OF DEM TAKEOVERThe 20 candidates receiving the backing of the GOP group are as follows: Nancy Dahlstrom (AK-AL), Kevin Lincoln (CA-09), Scott Baugh (CA-47), Gabe Evans (CO-08), George Logan (CT-05), Joe McGraw (IL-17), Randy Niemeyer (IN-01), Prasanth Reddy (KS-03), Austin Theriault (ME-02), Tom Barrett (MI-07), Joe Teirab (MN-02), Laurie Buckhout (NC-01), Yvette Herrell (NM-02), Alison Esposito (NY-18), Orlando Sonza (OH-01), Derek Merrin (OH-09), Kevin Coughlin (OH-13), Rob Bresnahan (PA-08), Rob Mercuri (PA-17) and Derrick Anderson (VA-07).REPUBLICANS WARM TO SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE REFORM AS 2024 ELECTION NEARS”These candidates have proven they have what it takes to connect with voters and win in battleground districts,” said CLF President Dan Conston in a statement. “For the third straight cycle, House Republicans have had tremendous recruits in swing seats — and that can make all the difference. With the right resources, we will be well-positioned to hold and grow the House Majority come November.”CLF noted that its endorsements are carefully picked for identifying campaigns led by “standout candidates with proven track records of tangible achievement and impressive character.”The group also made several endorsements in the 2022 midterms, spending roughly $250 million in its successful effort to regain the majority in the House.Republicans are protecting a rather slim majority in the chamber this cycle after several members have either announced they will not seek re-election in the fall or have fully resigned ahead of the November election. Rep. Rep Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., recently announced an early exit from his seat, leaving the GOP with a temporary one-seat majority.As the CLF begins its focus on the initial 20 standout candidates, and likely running ads for the endorsed candidates, the recent departures make House GOP pickup opportunities and strategic investments that much more crucial going into the fall election.
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