Trump accuser E Jean Carroll says she would ‘absolutely’ sue Trump again given opportunity

E. Jean Carroll, the former advice columnist who won an $83.3 million defamation lawsuit against former President Trump, said on Monday she would “absolutely” sue him again if given the opportunity.A jury last week found that Trump had maliciously defamed Carroll’s reputation in 2019 after she went public with allegations that he had raped her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s. Trump decried the judgment on his social network Truth Social, declaring the judicial system “Broken and Unfair!” In an interview on MSNBC, host Rachel Maddow noted Trump “has kept your name out of his mouth” since the trial, but asked Carroll about the former president’s recent Truth Social posts, including articles he shared questioning her credibility. E. JEAN CARROLL GLEEFULLY INVITES MADDOW ON SHOPPING SPREE WITH TRUMP’S $83 MILLION: ‘PENTHOUSE? IT’S YOURS!'”He seems to be pushing it already in terms of whether or not he is going to go back to calling you a ‘liar’ or denying that he did what he did,” Maddow said. “If it came to it, if your lawyers told you that there was another case, and you should go back and get more money out of him, sue him again, would you do it?” “Absolutely, absolutely,” Carroll replied, grabbing the hands of her two lawyers, Roberta Kaplan and Shawn Crowley, who appeared as guests alongside her.E. JEAN CARROLL’S CLAIMS AGAINST TRUMP, LIFESTYLE BACK UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT AFTER EYE-POPPING VERDICT”It wasn’t too much wear and tear on you?” Maddow followed up. “Rachel, many people, as you know, have been through much worse than I went through at that trial,” Carroll said. “People suffered more difficult things than I’ve ever been through in my life. And I’m more than willing to do it again, because we achieved so much in a seven-day trial. We did what people thought was impossible. We beat Donald Trump.”TRUMP PROSECUTOR FANI WILLIS’ WHITE HOUSE MEETINGS WARRANT ‘VERY DEEP INVESTIGATION,’ EX-PROSECUTOR SAYSLater in the program, Maddow asked Carroll what she was going to do with Trump’s money. Carroll gleefully invited the MSNBC host on a grand shopping spree, offering to buy her new clothes and a penthouse in France. “First thing Rachel, you and I are gonna go shopping!” Carroll exclaimed. “We’re gonna get complete new wardrobes, new shoes, motorcycle for [Carroll’s attorney Shawn] Crowley, a new fishing rod for Robbie [Carroll’s attorney Roberta Kaplan]- Rachel, what do you want? A penthouse? It’s yours, Rachel! Penthouse in France? You want France? You want to go fishing in France? No?”While Maddow chuckled at her eccentric guest, Carroll’s lawyer, Shawn Crowley, awkwardly grinned and said, “That’s a joke.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPCarroll’s victory in court last week came after a federal jury in New York City decided last year that Trump was not liable for rape, but was liable for sexual abuse and defamation. The former president was ordered to pay $5 million in that trial.Trump has denied knowing who Carroll is and insisted that her allegations against him are fabricated. Fox News Digital’s Joseph A. Wulfsohn and David Rutz contributed to this report.
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