Trump-backed candidate ends primary debate with explosive allegation

Trump-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Trent Staggs closed out his time on stage at a Republican primary debate Monday night by accusing his opponent, Rep. John Curtis, R-Utah, of insider trading.On March 4, 2020, Abbott Laboratories — a medical device company — was awarded federal funding to develop a COVID test. Curtis purchased stock in the company that same day, Staggs said. “This is the problem in Congress at a time when somebody should be looking out for their constituents. They end up looking out for their own profit,” Staggs, who currently serves as mayor of Riverton, said. TRUMP ENDORSES GOP UTAH SENATE CANDIDATE LOOKING TO REPLACE ROMNEY: ‘HE WILL BE A GREAT SENATOR’Staggs continued saying that he signed a contract with Utah and would “ban the trading of individual stocks for Congress and their families.””I want to also stop members of Congress from retiring and becoming lobbyists and enriching themselves further,” he said. After Staggs’ closing statements, debate moderator Glen Mills said they were running out of time and would have to wrap up the debate. Curtis shot back, “You have to let me respond to that.” Mills said, “As fast as possible.””That is such a low shot,” Curtis said. “You wait until I have no response. You throw something out that I can’t respond to. You’ve accused me of a felony here tonight. You better have very good evidence, and I’d like to challenge you to produce that evidence that somehow I’ve committed a felony.”UTAH GOP CHOOSE TRUMP-BACKED CANDIDATE AS NOMINEE TO REPLACE SEN. ROMNEY, BUT PRIMARY STILL TO COMEThe Salt Lake Tribune confirmed Curtis bought stocks that went up due to the COVID-19 epidemic, according to financial disclosures. When questioned by reporters, Curtis told the paper at the time, “The real story isn’t as damning.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPCurtis stated that most of the stock purchases, including those of Abbott Laboratories and BlackRock Inc., were executed by a mutual fund manager without him knowing. The purchases were made on significant occasions, such as Abbott’s approval for a COVID-19 test and BlackRock’s role in directing bond purchases when the economy hit a downward spiral.Staggs, who is running to replace retiring Sen. Mitt Romney, gained notoriety in 2020 for his opposition to mask mandates amid the coronavirus pandemic.In addition to Trump’s blessing, Staggs enjoys the endorsement of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.
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