Trump, Boris Johnson share dinner, discuss Ukraine

Former President Donald Trump met with former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week as the latter tours the United States.  The two former world leaders discussed at length the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, a spokesperson told the press. “Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP met President Donald J Trump to discuss the situation in Ukraine and the vital importance of Ukrainian victory,” a spokesperson for Johnson said. Johnson, who resigned from 10 Downing Street in July 2022, has been a prominent voice of support for Ukraine in the conservative sphere for years. DESANTIS TAKES SHOTS AT TRUMP, SAYS HE IS ‘RUNNING TOWARDS THE LEFT’ AND CLAIMS HE ‘IS A DIFFERENT GUY TODAY’ The former prime minister has spent days touring the US, meeting with conservative leaders, and raising funds for the conflict. BORIS JOHNSON MAKES SURPRISE VISIT TO UKRAINE TO MEET WITH PRESIDENT ZELENSKYY Both former leaders have taken strong stances against Russian President Vladimir Putin since the outbreak of the war. Trump told Fox News in March that he and Putin had an amicable yet stern relationship, recounting he warned the ex-KGB agent not to invade Ukraine. Johnson previously claimed Putin threatened to attack him with a missile strike after he visited Ukraine prior to the start of the war.  CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Trump is currently running for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as his closest opponent in a variety of polls. DeSantis declared his candidacy for president on Wednesday in a campaign launch video first reported by Fox News.  That announcement was quickly followed evening following an extremely rocky rollout by DeSantis in an appearance on Twitter with business magnate and Twitter owner Elon Musk, where the Florida governor concurrently kicked off his 2024 campaign. 
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