Trump campaign moms pull no punches criticizing Biden admin for leaving working families ‘behind’

EXCLUSIVE: In the lead up to Mother’s Day, moms on the Trump campaign are pulling no punches in their criticisms that the Biden administration has left “working moms and families behind.” “Joe Biden can’t even define what a ‘woman’ is and his Administration disrespectfully refers to mothers as ‘birthing people.’ Joe Biden has left working moms and families behind by creating the worst inflation crisis in decades, welcoming millions of illegal immigrants into our country to commit crimes, and allowing violent protests to erupt on college campuses,” Trump national press secretary Karoline Leavitt said in exclusive comment to Fox News Digital. The comments come ahead of celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday. The Biden administration has faced ongoing scrutiny for the use of “woke” terms that are viewed as degrading to mothers, as well as for recent policy changes that opened the doors to biological males playing against females on youth sports teams, and even changing a federal prison policy that allows inmates to be housed based on their gender identity instead of biological sex. The use of the term “birthing people” gained national attention during President Biden’s first year in office, when an Office of Management and Budget proposal removed the word “mother” with the gender-neutral term. Later that same year, when Democrats introduced a $3.5 trillion spending package, they also made use of “woke” terms to describe moms, dubbing them “pregnant, lactating, and postpartum individuals.”PARENTS STRUGGLE TO AFFORD BASIC BABY NEEDS AS DIAPER PRICES CONTINUE TO RISERNC co-Chair Lara Trump, former President Trump’s daughter-in-law, told Fox News Digital that Trump is the only candidate vowing to “give rights back to parents” and “protect our children” from inappropriate lessons in schools. WOKE LIBERALS PUSH TO REPLACE ‘MOTHER’ WITH ‘BIRTHING PARENT’ TO APPEASE TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY”Not only did Donald Trump show his commitment to working families while President through policies like extending the child tax credit and paid family leave, but, he is also the only candidate for President who has vowed to give rights back to parents, protect our children from learning inappropriate topics in our schools and keep all Americans, including and especially our children, safe from the disasters that have resulted from Joe Biden’s open border policy,” she said. “As the mother to two of President Trump’s grandchildren, I see daily how they follow in his footsteps of exuding love for this country and standing up for what they know is right, even in the face of unprecedented obstacle.”INFLATION IS AFFECTING PARENTS’ ABILITY TO PAY FOR EDUCATION: SURVEY  A campaign official noted to Fox News Digital that the Trump campaign employs dozens of moms this election cycle, including Leavitt who is expecting a baby this summer, and a top adviser for the campaign, mother and grandmother Susie Wiles. He has also hired hundreds of working moms since 2016, including high-profile names such as Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany. RNC and Trump campaign senior adviser Danielle Alvarez and Trump’s legal spokeswoman Alina Habba are also both mothers of young kids. LAKEN RILEY’S MOTHER BLASTS BIDEN AS ‘PATHETIC’ FOR GETTING DAUGHTER’S NAME WRONG DURING SOTU”Everywhere we go on the campaign trail with President Trump, we hear from mothers who have lost children due to Biden’s soft-on-crime policies and have courageously spoken out against Biden and in support of President Trump,” the spokesperson said, citing Gold Star moms whose children were tragically killed during Biden administration’s botched exit from Afghanistan in 2021, and the moms of both Laken Riley and Maddie Hines, who tragically died allegedly at the hands of illegal immigrants. GOLD STAR FAMILIES OUTRAGED BY BIDEN ADMIN’S ‘OBVIOUS’ LIES ON AFGHAN EXIT: ‘I’M NOT STUPID’As the presidential election cycle continues to heat up, the economy and ongoing inflation is a top concern for voters. FOX Business reported last year that a whopping 67% of parents reported in a poll that inflation is affecting their ability to pay for their children’s education, school supplies and extracurricular activities. Diapers and the cost of child care, for example, both spiked by 32% last year compared to 2019 when Trump was president, while baby formula hit an all-time high under Biden. GOP LAWMAKERS SLAM BIDEN ADMINISTRATION’S NEW TITLE IX PROTECTIONS FOR ‘GENDER IDENTITY'”If mothers want a President who will build a prosperous economy for future generations, empower law enforcement to keep their neighborhoods safe, and bring peace back to this world — there is only one option to vote for in November, and that option is President Trump,” Leavitt concluded. 
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