Trump, Democrats immediately begin fundraising off indictment: ‘Our work isn’t over’

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign and Senate Democrats’ campaign arm immediately began fundraising after a New York grand jury voted to indict the former president Thursday. “We are living through the darkest chapter of American history,” the Trump 2024 campaign stated in an email sent moments after the indictment. “The Radical Left – the enemy of the hardworking men and women of this country – have INDICTED me in a disgusting witch hunt. Alvin Bragg, the Soros-funded District Attorney behind the indictment, relied on the testimony of a convicted felon and a disbarred lawyer.”  WATCH LIVE: ALL EYES ON MAR-A-LAGO AFTER TRUMP INDICTMENT “Never before in our Nation’s history has this been done,” the email continued. “The Democrats have cheated countless times over the decades, but weaponizing our justice system to punish a political opponent who just so happens to be a President of the United States, has never happened before. Ever.”  “From the time I came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower and even before I was sworn in as your President of the United States, the Radical Left Democrats have been engaged in a witch hunt to destroy our movement.” TRUMP INDICTMENT: LIVE UPDATES The email added that Democrats’ witch hunt will “BACKFIRE MASSIVELY” on President Biden and that 2024 will go down as “the year we saved our Republic.” It concluded asking for a contribution of any amount. In addition, Senate Majority PAC, a political action committee that supports Democratic Senate campaigns, fired off an email of its own asking for donations. TRUMP INDICTED AFTER MANHATTAN DA PROBE FOR HUSH MONEY PAYMENTS “BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump indicted by Manhattan grand jury This is an important moment for our democracy, but our work isn’t over,” the group said in an email. “We must continue protecting our Senate majority from GOP extremists. Please, rush in $10 (becomes $60) to help Defend the Senate.” The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, another Democratic campaign arm, also sent a fundraising email asking for supporters to answer whether Trump is “UNFIT” to hold office. And Rep. Adam Schiff, R-Calif., who is running for Senate in California, asked supporters for $10 help prepare for Trump’s attacks and to ensure the rule of law is defended. RON DESANTIS SAYS HE WILL REFUSE ANY EXTRADITION REQUEST AFTER TRUMP INDICTMENT: ‘QUESTIONABLE CIRCUMSTANCES’ “It is a somber moment, and unprecedented for a former president to be indicted, but his alleged offenses are also unprecedented,” the Schiff campaign stated. “If the rule of law is to be applied equally — and it must — it must apply to the powerful as it applies to everyone else. To do so otherwise is not a democracy.” “Trump will respond as he always does — playing the victim and blaming others for having the temerity to investigate him in the first place. And you know that I will be one of the first people he will go after. He always does.” The indictment Thursday evening came as part of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s years-long investigation into Trump’s alleged hush money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal. Hush money payments made to both McDougal and Daniels were revealed and reported by Fox News in 2018. Those payments had been investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York and by the Federal Election Commission.  However, federal prosecutors opted against charging Trump in the case. Fox News’ Brooke Singman and Marta Dhanis contributed to this report.
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