Trump promises to indemnify, protect law enforcement following NYPD Jonathan Diller’s death

Former President Trump promised to give police officers a blanket of protection following the recent death of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller.During a campaign stop Tuesday in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Trump promised to “restore law and order” and “indemnify” and “protect” law enforcement.”We will very importantly restore law and order to our country, and I’m going to indemnify all police officers and law enforcement officials throughout the United States to protect them from being destroyed by the radical left for taking strong actions on crime,” Trump said.TRUMP SPOTLIGHTS ‘BIDEN’S BORDER BLOODBATH’ DURING STOP IN CRUCIAL BATTLEDGROUND STATE HE LOST IN 2020The former president remembered Diller, promising to “crack down” and prosecute “dangerous criminals.””The other day I was very honored to visit the family of an amazing man, New York Police Detective Jonathan Diller. You read about it, who was gunned down by a vicious thug, who was originally arrested by different law enforcement agencies over twenty-one times for very serious crimes. And the person with them was a known killer,” Trump said. ‘INTEGRITY’ OF NY LEGAL SYSTEM AT STAKE AS TRUMP APPEALS CIVIL FRAUD CASE, JONATHAN TURLEY SAYS”When I’m re-elected I will crack down on the left-wing jurisdictions that refuse to prosecute dangerous criminals,” Trump vowed.Diller was fatally shot last week during a traffic stop in Queens after a man with 21 prior arrests allegedly shot him in the stomach as Diller was trying to make the suspect — 34-year-old Guy Rivera — exit the vehicle. Rivera allegedly opened fire on Diller and his partner at about 5:45 p.m. The officers had approached the vehicle because it had been illegally parked at a bus stop. Another man who was in the vehicle at the time of Diller’s death, Lindy Jones, was also charged following the death, including for criminal possession of a weapon and defacing a weapon.Fox News Digital’s Timothy Nerozzi contributed to this report.
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