Trump raises over $2 million at Bedminster fundraiser following arraignment

Former President Donald Trump hauled in more than $2 million at the first major fundraiser of his campaign, which was held just a few hours after he was arraigned in federal court. The Trump campaign confirmed to Fox News that the former president brought in $2.04 million on Tuesday evening as he huddled with top donors and campaign bundlers at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump arrived at the fundraiser after flying back from Miami, Florida, where he pleaded not guilty to federal criminal charges that he illegally retained national security records at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach following the end of his term in office, and that he obstructed federal efforts to recover the documents. In total, Trump faces 37 felony charges. HOW BIDEN’S JUSTICE DEPARTMENT MAY HAVE PAVED TRUMP’S PATH BACK TO THE WHITE HOUSE Trump gave a speech at an event at the main entrance of his golf club that was carried live on a handful of national cable networks, including Fox News, after he arrived back in Bedminster. Minutes later, the former president arrived at his fundraiser – which was held inside the facility — and gave brief remarks to supporters. According to sources in the room, Trump sat at a table that included Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, one of his top supporters in the Senate. The campaign told Fox News on Monday that the fundraiser was planned long before Trump was indicted and it was known that he would be arraigned in Florida on the same day. ALAN DERSHOWITZ SAYS TRUMP COURT PROCEEDINGS MUST BE TELEVISED: AMERICANS ‘HAVE A RIGHT’ TO SEE IT While Trump remains the commanding front-runner in the latest GOP 2024 presidential nomination polls, when it comes to the dash for campaign cash, he’s facing serious competition from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who hauled in a record-breaking $8 million in the first 24 hours after declaring his candidacy last month. Trump is expected get another fundraising bump after the latest indictment. Trump’s campaign said it raised a whopping $15.4 million in the two weeks after he was indicted by Manhattan’s district attorney in late March. The campaign told Fox News it may release additional fundraising numbers later this week. While the bulk of Trump’s fundraising has come from small dollar, grassroots contributions, the money raised Tuesday night at Bedminster — which matched the goal set by the campaign — suggests that the former president still has sway with the deep pocketed donors and bundlers in the GOP. Ninety percent of the money raised at the fundraiser will go to the Trump 2024 campaign, with the remaining 10% headed to Trump’s Save America PAC, which foots the bill for non-campaign related expenses, such as paying the former president’s expensive legal bills.
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