Trump voters don’t think he’s very religious, but say he fights for religious communities: poll

Voters supporting former President Trump do not think he is very religious, but they believe he stands up for people in religious communities.Pew Research released a poll this week dissecting the religious angle of Trump’s support base and how voters perceive the former president’s spiritual beliefs.Only 8% of voters supporting Trump said they believe he is “very religious,” according to the Pew poll.TRUMP CLAIMS ANY JEW WHO VOTES DEMOCRAT ‘HATES THEIR RELIGION’ AFTER SCHUMER SPEECH ON SENATE FLOORApproximately 51% of voters supporting the former president said they believed he was “somewhat religious” and 38% said he is “not too religious” or “not religious at all.”Despite lukewarm assessments of his religiosity, 51% of Trump supporters said the former president stands up “a great deal” or “quite a bit” for religious beliefs similar to their own.Only 11% of Trump supporters said he did not stand up much or at all for religious beliefs similar to their own. Approximately 21% said he did so somewhat.TRUMP SAYS ‘DISGUSTING’ NEW YORK AG COMMITTED ‘FRAUD’ BY ALLEGEDLY CONVINCING JUDGE TO UNDERVALUE MAR-A-LAGOFox News Digital reached out to the Trump campaign for comment.Last month, Trump said during a speech in Tennessee that it is “crazy” how Christians or individuals who consider themselves to be religious could vote for a Democrat.”How any Christian can vote for a Democrat, Christian or person of faith, how you can vote for a Democrat is crazy. It’s crazy,” Trump told attendees at the National Religious Broadcasters International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.Trump’s comment to the crowd came shortly after he claimed Biden is an “incompetent president who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing” and “will not lead us to the promised land.”During his speech, Trump lamented the indictments that had been waged against him in recent history and vowed to defend Christians from attacks by those on the “radical left” who are “coming after” those who are religious.Fox News Digital’s Kyle Morris contributed to this report.
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