Trump VP contender leads GOP effort to reach Black voters as Biden loses grip

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s aligned PAC is spearheading a campaign to reach Black voters ahead of the election as concerns grow over President Biden’s popularity with the demographic, which is credited with winning him the presidency in 2020. The Great Opportunity PAC unveiled a $14.3 million plan to court Black and Hispanic voters in battleground states ahead of the general election. “The Republican Party has, I think that we do have a good sense and a good marketing machine and, frankly, a good microphone and someone who is good at speaking into that microphone,” Scott said of former President Donald Trump, the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee.OBAMA STRESSES CRITICAL DEM SENATE MAJORITY FOR APPOINTING PREFERRED JUDGES”We have a real strong opportunity to make this election unlike the previous election,” he emphasized in a briefing on the strategy. PAC executive director Jennifer DeCasper outlined in a memo Thursday that “Control of the White House, Senate, and House could come down to less than 100K votes across a half dozen states.”MCCONNELL TAKES AIM AT ‘ISOLATIONIST’ COLLEAGUES IN SCATHING D-DAY ESSAYShe noted that over time, there have been natural and incremental shifts in the voting behavior of Black and Hispanic voters. However, she claimed, “we have not made the investment necessary to earn and win this vote.”This comes as Biden’s campaign grapples with trying to maintain its minority supporters, a significant number of whom are dissatisfied with the current economic climate. A recent Fox News Poll showed the president with the support of 72% support of Black voters. While the number is an increase from 66% in February, it is still below the 79% he had prior to getting elected in 2020. The campaign has appeared to acknowledge this issue, launching initiatives to specifically target minority voters and courting them across the country. ‘MISLEADING’ DEM CONTRACEPTION BILL FAILS KEY VOTE AS GOP SLAMS BROAD PROPOSALScott’s PAC revealed that its new campaign will be a “full scale, 360 degree communications and voter contact plan targeting swing and low propensity Black and brown voters.” The group’s largest investment — $9 million — will go toward direct voter contact. The plan also includes significant spending on earned and paid media, survey research, data and analytics, operations and legal. With this initiative, she said the goal is to “target, persuade, and turnout low-propensity and swing Black and Hispanic voters in target Presidential and Senate states.”The plan will incorporate various events with influential surrogates such as elected officials. It will also rely on “canvassing, digital marketing, direct mail and targeted paid advertising.”JON TESTER CAMPAIGN ADMITS ‘HARD TRUTH’ SENATE RACE WILL BE EXPENSIVE AND CLOSEAccording to DeCasper, if Trump raised his margin with non-college-educated voters by 2 points and nonwhite voters by just 3 points, “he’d win five additional states, bringing him to a 297-241 victory in the Electoral College.”She also said the change would affect several key Senate races. “President Trump has done a really good job of trying to figure out how to get in front of voters in unique ways and unique places that has not been done before,” Scott explained. “I’ve been talking about this for years, that we have to go where we’re not invited,” the senator said. “We have just not had enough candidates doing that in the party.”Scott is notably on Trump’s shortlist of potential running mates in the November presidential election. “Thanks to Bidenflation and Bidenomics, Black voters are worse off today than they were under President Trump,” DeCasper wrote in the memo. “But this is not enough for us to automatically break historic voting patterns.”Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more at our Fox News Digital election hub.
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