Twitter torches male lawmakers for wearing pink heels to raise awareness for violence against women

Twitter users had a field day lambasting male Canadian lawmakers who paraded around a room wearing pink high heel shoes in order to encourage men and boys to help combat violence against women. Members of Canada’s Parliament donned the heels as part of the “Hope in High Heels” event sponsored by Halton Women’s Place, a women’s shelter in Ontario, to bring awareness to violence targeting women. “Violence against women is still prevalent in our society,” Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra tweeted Thursday, along with a video of the event. “Hope in Heels is an event that spreads awareness on violence against women while encouraging men and boys to be part of the solution. We wore their signature pink heels in support to this important cause.” TRANS WOMAN CRAWLED INTO BED WITH, ASSAULTED FEMALE RESIDENT AT WOMEN’S SHELTER: POLICE Liberal MP Karina Gould also tweeted about the event and shared pictures of her male peers donning the hot pink heels. “Educating men and boys is part of the solution, and it is all of our responsibilities to end gender based violence,” wrote Gould. Twitter users were quick to poke fun at the event, arguing that men wearing heels may not be effective in combating violence against women. “Male politicians parading around in ‘signature’ pink high heels to be part of the violence against women solution. I’m so embarrassed for you this actually made my scalp tingle,” wrote Bernie Spofforth, a widely followed commentator who added a clown emoji at the end of her post. WOMEN’S RIGHTS ACTIVIST SOUNDS OFF ON HOUSING BIOLOGICAL MEN IN WOMEN’S PRISONS “Is this real life?” asked Steven Mark Ryan, host of the popular “Solving the Money Problem” YouTube channel. “They may be male, but they are not men,” added Jim Hanson, an author, U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, and president of WorldStrat Corporation. Some Twitter users directed their focus on the entire country of Canada rather than just the lawmakers. “Again, Canada is not a real country,” tweeted Jack Posobiec, seniro editor of Political scientist Marco Navarro-Génie, co-author of “Canada’s COVID: The Story of a Pandemic Moral Panic,” expressed a similar sentiment, writing, “This is a Mickley [sic] Mouse country now.” BIDEN ADMIN ROASTED OVER NEW TRANSGENDER TITLE IX REGULATIONS: ‘INSANE INJUSTICE’ Some Twitter users didn’t poke fun but instead expressed outrage at the male lawmakers wearing heels. “Canada’s wet bag male politicians wearing heels to combat domestic violence,” wrote Ben Kew, editor at large of Red State. “If anything this will more likely lead to an increase in abuse cases rather than a decrease.” “Canadian women, do you feel safer now?” asked Maxime Bernier, a Canadian politician who is the founder and leader of the People’s Party of Canada. “Or do you just feel that a bunch of virtue-signaling Liberal clowns are needlessly making fools of themselves?” News of the “Hope in High Heels” event came just two days after a self-identified transgender woman in Ontario, Canada, was arrested Tuesday after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in a women’s shelter. Police began investigating Desiree Anderson, 32, also known as Cody D’Entremont, on April 4 following a report from a woman who claimed the suspect had climbed into bed with her and sexually assaulted her while she was staying a women’s shelter in Windsor.
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