‘Unacceptable’: GOP lawmaker vows to fight back against controversial ID program for illegal immigrants

FIRST ON FOX: Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, is introducing a bill to prevent the federal government from using taxpayer dollars to issue “unacceptable” identification cards to illegal immigrants.The bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., comes as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plans to launch the ICE Secure Docket Card program this summer, with the distribution of approximately 10,000 cards to migrants being released into the U.S.The “No Taxpayer Funds for Illegal Immigrant Identity Cards Act” seeks to “prohibit the Secretary of Homeland Security from using Federal funds to establish the ICE Secure Docket Card program and to prohibit the use of documentation issued in connection with immigration proceedings to establish eligibility for Federal public benefits.”Nehls told Fox that the Biden administration’s ridding of Trump-era policies is what led to the influx of migrants at the southern border.TAXPAYER-FUNDED ID PROGRAM FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS EXPECTED TO BEGIN THIS SUMMER”Upon taking office, Joe Biden dismantled successful Trump-era policies, sending a message around the world that our border is wide-open, encouraging over 9 million illegal aliens to cross our borders,” Nehls told Fox News Digital. The Republican added that the cards will be used to “take advantage of the American people.”‘ENOUGH’: CONTROVERSIAL ID PROGRAM FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TARGETED BY GOP SENATOR”If this wasn’t bad enough, his DHS is going to hand out IDs to illegal aliens instead of addressing the crisis he created—all at the expense of the American taxpayer,” he said. “This is unacceptable. Joe Biden should be deporting illegal aliens, not giving them a way to further take advantage of the American people.”The bill, shared first with Fox News Digital, mirrors legislation recently brought forth in the Senate by Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., that also aims to prevent federal funds being used for the ICE Secure Docket Card program.The ICE Secure Docket Card program was first reported on in 2022, and Fox News Digital reported last week that ICE is planning a limited rollout of the program this summer, with a distribution of approximately 10,000 cards. While the agency stressed that plans are “pre-decisional” and still subject to change, it is expected the cards will be issued in three or four locations in the U.S.The agency said the program will “modernize documentation provided to some noncitizens” but stressed it would not be an official form of federal ID.”While the specifics of the card and pilot are under development, it is important to note the secure card will not be an official form of federal identification,” the agency said. “The secure card will indicate it is for use by DHS agencies and would be provided only after national security background checks have been performed.”
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