US Defense Department tracking another balloon traveling between Hawaii and Mexico: reports

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is tracking another high-altitude balloon that, according to reports, crossed over Hawaii and is heading toward Mexico. NBC reported that three U.S. officials confirmed the balloon flew over American soil in Hawaii, though not above sensitive areas. The balloon has been tracked since late last week and does not appear to pose a threat to national security or air traffic, nor does it appear to be sending signals, officials told NBC. DEMOCRATS’ COMMENTS ON CHINESE SPY BALLOON DID NOT AGE WELL AFTER REPORT OF REAL-TIME INTELLIGENCE GATHERING Officials also said they were not sure whether the object was a weather balloon or something else, and would not discount shooting it out of the sky if it approaches U.S. land. NBC said officials do not believe the balloon is Chinese owned. The DoD did not immediately respond to questions regarding Monday’s balloon. PENTAGON RELEASES U-2 PHOTO OF CHINESE SPY BALLOON IN FLIGHT BEFORE IT WAS SHOT DOWN In early February, a Chinese surveillance balloon was detected hovering over Montana. The balloon traversed the entire continental U.S. before the Biden administration ordered to shoot the spy craft out of the sky off the coast of South Carolina. Chinese officials claimed the balloon was a civilian craft gone adrift, but U.S. officials insisted it was a surveillance vessel. In a report issued in early April, several current and former U.S. officials claimed the Biden administration struggled to block the intelligence gathering of the Chinese spy balloon that ultimately fed information to Beijing in real time.
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