Vermont Gov. Scott vetoes $8B budget that would have been state’s largest ever

Vermont’s governor has vetoed a state budget that would have been the largest in the state history. DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED VERMONT SENATE OVERRIDES GOV. PHIL SCOTT’S VETO OF CLEAN-HEAT BILL Republican Gov. Phil Scott said the proposed budget, which is well over $8 billion, would unfairly raise taxes and fees on state residents. He said in his Saturday veto message that Vermonters “have made it clear that living in our state is not affordable” and lawmakers shouldn’t ask them to take on more burden. VERMONT GOV. SCOTT INDECISIVE ON PROPOSED SOCIAL PROGRAMS CHAMPIONED BY DEMOCRATS Scott called on lawmakers to work with him on a new spending plan. The Vermont Legislature is controlled by Democrats, and adjourned its session by passing the budget. Vermont Senate President Pro Tempore Philip Baruth said the legislature can’t act again until late June. Baruth called the veto “disappointing” and said senators “will need to recalibrate our approach as we work with our partners in the House on a response to the governor’s action.”
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