WATCH: Protester derails Biden speech with demands for cease-fire in Gaza

President Biden’s speech to the United Auto Workers (UAW) was derailed by a protester on Thursday demanding he call for a ceasefire in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. The disruption occurred just seconds after Biden began his speech at the Belvidere, Illinois event as he was speaking about his father running an automobile agency when he was young. “President Biden, you need to call for a cease-fire in Gaza,” the female protester yelled. VP HARRIS SAYS SHE AND BIDEN ‘OBVIOUSLY HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO’ TO WIN RE-ELECTION IN 2024 She was immediately met with loud jeers as Biden attempted to quiet the crowd. “No, let her go,” he said as the protester continued to yell inaudibly and the crowd went on jeering. “It’s okay,” Biden said, but to no avail. JEAN-PIERRE SPIKES FOOTBALL ON GOP AFTER ELECTION NIGHT, CITES ‘EXTREME’ POLICY THAT GAVE DEMS AN EDGE The crowd then began chanting, “We love Joe,” as the protester was quieted and presumably removed from the event. Biden continued his speech without addressing the protester’s calls for a cease-fire. Biden has faced calls from a number of Democrats to press for a cease-fire in the war, but has so far resisted those calls and has only pushed Israel for a “humanitarian pause” in the fighting. After a call with Biden on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doubled down on rejecting a cease-fire in Gaza unless the hostages being held there by Hamas are released.  However, the White House announced Thursday that Israel would pause military operations in Gaza City for four hours each day.
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