WATCH: Protesters clash outside Trump trial court, police forced to intervene

Protests grew heated Thursday outside the New York City courtroom where former President Trump’s trial is taking place.A group of protesters gathered in support of Trump appeared to surround protesters backing his possible conviction in the case, forcing police to intervene and separate the two groups, video footage shot by Fox News Digital shows.”We ran you out of town! We deported your a–! We deported your a– last time! Get the f— out! Get the f— out of here!” yelled one protester who appeared to be wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.SUPPORTERS RALLY AROUND TRUMP OUTSIDE NYC COURTHOUSE: BIDEN ‘AIN’T FOR’ BLACK AMERICAThe anti-Trump protester on the receiving end of the insults was holding signs that read, “Trump is a danger to us all,” and, “Do not let Trump make a fool of you,” as they appeared to try and block another protester holding a flag that read, “F— Joe Biden.”Other pro-Trump protesters joined in on telling the anti-Trump protester to leave, with one of them grabbing and ripping up one of the anti-Trump signs.”Knock her down!” another protester repeatedly yelled.CONSERVATIVES UNLOAD ON ‘POLITICAL’ NYC PROSECUTION OF TRUMP OUTSIDE COURTROOM: ‘DAMAGING TO THE COUNTRY’Police eventually broke up the altercation, but it wasn’t immediately clear if any arrests were made.Jurors continued deliberations on Thursday after having Judge Juan Merchan reread the deliberation instructions and rehearing testimony from Michael Cohen and David Pecker.Fox News’ Mitch Picasso contributed to this report.
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