WATCH: White House dismisses dismal Biden approval ratings, claims they ‘don’t tell the whole story’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed President Biden’s dismal approval ratings specifically concerning his handling of the U.S. economy, telling reporters they “don’t tell the whole story” about Bidenomics. The subject came up during Wednesday’s daily White House press briefing when a reporter asked Jean-Pierre about a new Monmouth University poll released earlier in the day that showed 62% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation, and a plurality of 48% disapprove his handling of jobs and unemployment. “So the polls don’t tell the whole story. They don’t tell the full story, and we understand that,” Jean-Pierre responded. “The data shows the combination of unemployment and inflation is at near historic lows. And that’s what we have seen.”  FLORIDA’S MATT GAETZ TO INTRODUCE BILL DEFUNDING JACK SMITH INVESTIGATION TARGETING TRUMP: ‘WE MUST ACT’ “Consumer confidence is increasing and also wages are rising. That’s what, certainly, the data is showing. And when you think about – our economic recovery is stronger. And inflation is currently lower than any other leading world economic countries when you think about the G7. So those are the facts,” she said.  Jean-Pierre said Biden would continue to have conversations with the American public about the state of the economy, and noted his upcoming Thursday speech in Philadelphia to talk about his “Investing in America” plan. “But as we believe it, you know, the polls don’t tell the entire story. And so we’re going to continue to have the conversation,” she said. WHITE HOUSE RIPS ‘VILE’ RFK JR COMMENTS COVID-19 WAS ‘ETHNICALLY TARGETED’ TO SPARE JEWS, CHINESE Jean-Pierre then interrupted the reporter, who appeared to be asking how long it would take for the American people to start feeling what she was claiming the administration had accomplished, telling him she didn’t “have a timeline.” “We know, just looking at the midterms, right, the result of the midterms, Americans want us to continue to work and build on the historic actions that we have taken. They want to see us continue to work – the president continue to work – on lowering costs,” she said.  “That is what matters to them, focusing on the economy,” she added. WHITE HOUSE ADVISOR POUNDS PODIUM DEFENDING ‘FOUNDATIONAL, SACRED OBLIGATION’ TO FUND MILITARY ABORTIONS In addition to Biden’s poor ratings on his handling of the economy, just 44% of Americans said they approved of the overall job he is doing as president with 52% saying they disapprove. The new poll echoed a recent Fox News poll that found 76% of Americans believe the economy is in only fair or poor shape with just 38% saying they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy. Fox News’ Kyle Morris and Dana Blanton contributed to this report.
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