Watchdog CEO confronts anti-Israel protesters at Columbia: ‘Which is your favorite terrorist group?’

FIRST ON FOX: A watchdog organization with a focus on higher education released footage exposing the chaos occurring at the epicenter of the anti-Israel protests plaguing one of America’s most prestigious Ivy League universities.Adam Guillette, President of Accuracy In Media, went to the campus of Columbia University in New York to speak with the individuals behind the anti-Israel protests that have erupted at the school, filming his encounters in a video shared with Fox News Digital.Guillette, who is Jewish, confronted several individuals at the protest, but did not receive a warm welcome when he asked them questions about Hamas, the safety of Jewish students, and why they are protesting Israel.One individual claimed students are not being threatened on the campus – despite the Morningside main campus switching to hybrid or remote learning for the remainder of the spring semester due to safety concerns.COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY MOVES TO HYBRID LEARNING ON MAIN CAMPUS AMID ANTISEMITIC PROTESTSWhen asked who their favorite terrorist group was, one activist said “IDF” – which stands for the Israel Defense Force, the military of Israel.Others cursed at Guillette or told him to “shut up” when asked if Hamas should remain in charge of “Palestine.” Another individual flipped off Guillette and told him to “f— off.’DEMOCRATIC REP. GOTTHEIMER SAYS HE WOULD BE WORRIED TO SEND CHILDREN TO COLUMBIA AFTER VISITING PROTESTSThe footage also captured a crowd that was reciting a chant shockingly comparing the New York Police Department to the KKK. Asked what the best way to deal with Hamas would be, one individual said “to dissolve the Israeli state.”The watchdog group also brought “moving trucks” to the protest that called for Columbia University President Minouche Shafik to resign, as she faces calls from congress to step down.”[Columbia University President] Minouche Shafik has failed time and again to protect Jewish students on campus and hold antisemitic students and faculty accountable,” Guillette said in a statement to Fox News Digital last week.”During Wednesday’s hearing, Shafik made a number of empty promises and insincere statements about the state of antisemitism on Columbia’s campus,” he continued. “Just one day later, radical antisemites continued to terrorize Jewish students on campus and spew their hateful ideology. The last 48 hours have made it abundantly clear that Shafik is not fit to serve as Columbia President.”The cameraman filming for Accuracy In Media was reportedly assaulted while filming the agitators, according to the video.”One thing that is abundantly clear is that this campus is out of control,” Guillete said in the video. “These are radicals, they need to be held accountable.”More than 100 anti-Israel protesters were arrested at New York University (NYU) Monday, as similar protests erupt on college campuses across the country.
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