Watchdog group launches campaign to expose antisemitic students, faculty on college campuses

A media and government watchdog group launched a campaign Tuesday that it says will expose students and faculty on college campuses who have engaged in antisemitic activities and encourage employers to utilize a database that documents such behaviors.According to Accuracy in Media, a group whose mission is to use “citizen activism and investigative journalism to expose media bias, corruption, and public policy failings,” Tuesday and Wednesday will serve as national days of activism on a number of college campuses across the country where reports of antisemitic behavior have been on the rise.Those campuses include Columbia University (only on Tuesday), Harvard University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Southern California. MASSACHUSETTS MAN ALLEGEDLY THREATENED TO KILL JEWS AND BOMB SYNAGOGUESAs part of the days of activism, Accuracy in Media will deploy mobile billboards to each of the campuses, which will promote a new website launched by the group: The website includes a petition that urges employers to “blacklist” applicants who have allegedly engaged in antisemitic activities or sentiments on each respective campus.Those applicants, the group said, will be tracked on a new database, launched by fellow watchdog group Canary Mission, that documents students, professionals and organizations “that have espoused hateful, antisemitic beliefs on college campuses and beyond.””The surge in antisemitic sentiment we’ve seen at American universities is disgusting and concerning,” Accuracy in Media President Adam Guillette told Fox News Digital in a statement. “The October 7 attacks emboldened these hateful antisemites to come out of the shadows and brazenly call for the destruction of Israel.” CHINA’S TIGHTLY CONTROLLED INTERNET FLOODED WITH ANTISEMITISM FOLLOWING HAMAS MASSACRE”This is unacceptable, and it’s time to send a message to these students and faculty members that their hate has no place here. It’s time to hold these radicals accountable. We are calling on employers to closely examine their hiring practices and take a hard stand against employing antisemites,” he added.Accuracy in Media has taken an aggressive approach in raising awareness about antisemitism on college campuses, including targeting former Harvard University President Claudine Gay as part of the sharp backlash to her response concerning antisemitism on the university’s campus during a congressional hearing following the Oct. 7 attacks.ISRAEL SHARES DOSSIER SPELLING OUT ALLEGATIONS AGAINST 12 UN EMPLOYEES ALLEGEDLY INVOLVED IN HAMAS ATTACKEarlier this month, the group trolled her with a “moving day” billboard and U-Haul trucks just one day after her resignation.”It’s moving day Claudine Gay!” the digital mobile billboard read before changing to another screen that said, “Sponsored by the TENS OF THOUSANDS of Accuracy in Media activists who demanded your RESIGNATION.”
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