‘We’re doomed’: Americans grade Biden’s handling of China

People in Nashville graded President Biden on his handling of America’s biggest adversary, China. Everyone Fox News spoke with gave the president poor marks. “As far down a grade as you could go,” one woman, Kay said. “It’s not good. We’re doomed.”  “I think we should all get ready because it’s going to be really bad,” she added.  WATCH MORE FOX NEWS DIGITAL ORIGINALS HERE Another man, Chris, said he would give the president a C-minus.  “We still have some work to do with China,” he said. “I think we need to stay strong with them.” Escalating U.S.-China tensions over Taiwan and growing diplomacy between the communist nation and western allies have Biden critics concerned about America’s standing on the world stage. Retired Gen. Keith Kellogg told “America Reports” last week he fears “this administration is not up to this fight” and that the U.S. will “be left out there almost by ourselves” if the conflict with China comes to a head. One man in Nashville, Robert, graded Biden’s handling of China an F. “It seems like they’re trying to ignore China, whereas other administrations have flat out told China, ‘stop,’” he said. “I think they’re causing more of a problem by ignoring them.” Chris, who also said Biden failed when it came to relations with China, told Fox News the U.S. needs to communicate more with Beijing to ease tensions. “By isolating them, it’s only making things worse,” he said.  Another pointed to the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and his business ventures with Chinese entities as a reason the White House isn’t standing up to an increasingly aggressive China. “When the president’s son is kind of tied in with China, it makes it hard to be hard on them,” Matt told Fox News. “When they have all this dirt on you that they can bring back on you.” CONFLICT WITH CHINA ‘LAST RESORT’ BUT CONGRESS WILL AUTHORIZE TROOPS IF AMERICANS SUPPORT IT: MCCAUL Earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron met with China’s president, Xi Jinping. After a three-day visit, Macron suggested Europe stay neutral should China attack Taiwan, despite the U.S.’s steadfast commitment to aiding the island from a Chinese invasion. “It’s probably not a good sign,” one man, Mike, said of strengthening ties between Europe and China.  Kay said seeing a close ally be so amicable with a U.S. adversary “made everybody nervous.” But Tino felt Macron was trying to take steps toward diplomacy. “As much as we’re saying he shouldn’t have done that, I think we need to compromise,” he said.  Another Nashville visitor, Matt, however, said the show of diplomacy made the U.S. look like a “joke.” “We’re not respected anymore,” he said. To hear more from Americans on Biden’s performance, click here. 
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