‘Where there’s smoke, there’s fire’: More Americans think Joe and Hunter Biden did something illegal

Americans increasingly think Hunter Biden did something illegal in his foreign business dealings, but are less sure about whether President Biden was involved. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and I absolutely believe something went on there, 100%,” Mike from New York told Fox News while visiting Nashville’s famous Broadway street. “I think they’re both complicit and they both knew what they were doing.” Brad from Missouri disagreed, telling Fox News that if Hunter was involved in anything criminal, his dad was not. “I think the president is smart enough that he wasn’t involved in anything like that,” Brad said. COMER DEMANDS ANSWERS ON WHETHER BIDEN CLASSIFIED RECORDS MENTION COUNTRIES RELATED TO FAMILY BUSINESS DEALS A Fox News poll released Monday found 52% of respondents think Hunter did something illegal in his business dealings in Ukraine and China, up from 39% last December. Only 8% think the first son has done nothing wrong. “You don’t get into politics if you’re not a criminal, right? And Hunter Biden especially,” Joey from Colorado said. “Politicians don’t get rich by being good people.” WATCH MORE FOX NEWS DIGITAL ORIGINALS HERE A growing number of those surveyed also think the president broke the law when it comes to his son’s business dealings — 40%, up from 35% last year. “Unfortunately, with the position that Joe Biden has right now, it seems to bring some protection to both of them,” Susan from California said. “But we’ve always been suspicious.” The Fox News poll found 29% of respondents think President Biden did something unethical, but not illegal, and 28% feel he did nothing wrong. THEY’RE ‘CELEBRATING’ A ‘MASSACRE OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS’: JEWISH COLLEGE STUDENTS DENOUNCE ANTI-ISRAEL PROTEST The president was “kind of a silent partner” in Hunter’s activities, Julie from Minnesota said. A 2011 letter from then-Vice President Biden to Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer hinted at Biden’s closeness to his son’s business. Last month, House Democrats acknowledged that another of Hunter’s former business partners handled Biden’s finances during his vice presidency. Frank from Arizona said the Bidens are criminals and “should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” “Even to the point of treason,” he added. To hear more from Americans in Nashville, click here.
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